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Sunday Times letter raises alarm on untimely epilepsy deaths



Neurology deaths are increasing, but deaths from other conditions have fallen.
At least 21 people with epilepsy die each week; yet we know things can be done to stop this.
This letter speaks on behalf of the families left behind.


We need YOUR support for action now!

Following the shocking findings in the recent Public Health England report about increasing neurology deaths and the tragic number of young, premature deaths due to epilepsy, SUDEP Action has joined forces with the Association of British Neurologists, and the British Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy to write a letter to the national broadsheet newspaper, The Sunday Times. The letter contains a number of key signatures who support the call to action from Government - to prevent these untimely deaths.

SUDEP Action are calling for a meeting with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (Jeremy Hunt MP) to meet with us. 

But we need your support too!

Whether you are a supportive organisation, or individual supporter - your voices are needed to help us make a difference. See our letter below and pledge your support:

Letter to Sunday Times

The following organisations are supporting our call for action - do you?
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