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Medical ID Cards and Jewellery

You may find it useful to carry identification that gives information about your epilepsy, how it affects you and what someone needs to do if you have a seizure.

It should also include details of the medication you are taking and any specific allergies. This information can be found in the care plan that you should have agreed with your clinician and they will be able to advise you on what to include.

It may also be beneficial to store In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers into your mobile & home phone as they help medical teams to quickly know who to contact in an emergency. On your mobile phone contact list, enter the word ICE in front of the name of the person you would like to be contacted.
Some mobile phones also have an ‘Emergency ID’ section where you can store similar information to be used in an emergency (& can be accessed even if you phone is password protected). Not everyone will know about these schemes, so it is recommended to have other methods also in place. 

 You may find these questions helpful to ask your clinician: 

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