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 Epilepsy - Be smart, be safe                          SUDEP Action: what we do      









SUDEP - explained - a short guide for           SUDEP - reducing your risk
the health professional                                       - information for teenagers
                                                                                   and young adults










SUDEP - understanding the risk                     
tion and guidance for people            
with epilepsy


Learning Disability Leaflets

      Epilepsy - Make your risk smaller                 Epilepsy - Make your risks smaller
      (Easy read)                                                          (A support guide for parents &


Bereavement Support Leaflet







      Have you been bereaved by epilepsy? 


Other information Leaflets

Epsmon Leaflet                                Sudep seizure safety checklist leaflet 2016

EpSMon - Epilepsy Self-Monitor              SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist