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Run raises funds for epilepsy research

Source: Salisbury Journal

A TEAM of 20 people completed a 10k run in soaring temperatures to raise awareness of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy.

Ten-year-old Charlie Burns was fit and healthy before he died suddenly in October 2011 after suffering two seizures in four days. Since then his family have been campaigning to raise awareness of the condition and raise funds for SUDEP Action.

On Sunday his father Barry, mother Jan and sister Izzie, along with his grandmother, grandfather, uncle and 14 friends, joined 26,000 runners for the British 10km London Run.

In total 52 runners were fundraising for SUDEP Action, which funds research into epilepsy related deaths.

The Charlie’s Angels team hope to raise £3,000 from the run, which would bring their total to £21,000 since launching their campaign 15 months ago.

On average £10,000 can fund a medical project sponsored by the charity.

Jan Burns said: “I’m sure readers will agree that the money raised is worth every penny to try and answer such questions and hopefully prevent further unnecessary loss of life.”

Source: Salisbury Journal