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Owen Williams’ Memorial Bench Unveiled

Over 50 family and friends gathered on Stowmarket Recreation Ground on Saturday 30th July to unveil a memorial bench on the second anniversary of the day Owen died from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).

The bench will serve as a reminder of the many hours Owen spent playing on Stowmarket Recreation Ground during his childhood, and it is hoped that many people will find it a place to rest awhile during their busy lives. The Recreation Ground is also home to the annual Stowmarket Carnival in which Owen took part many times over the years (see attached photo).

The bench was unveiled by Owen’s Dad, Steve, his Mum, Ro and his sister Kerry Burn. Ro then scattered some of Owen’s ashes around the bench while his Dad read out a poem that he had written for the occasion (see below).

After the unveiling, Owen’s family and friends, including his two grandmothers and a great aunt all in their 90s, enjoyed a picnic in the sun followed by a game of rounders for the more energetic of the guests – just the sort of event Owen would have enjoyed.

Owen’s Bench by Steve Williams

A bench on the Rec in a prominent place
Engraved to tell people his name.
Though perhaps they knew not of his ways or his face,
They will know of him now just the same!

His family and friends are all joined here today
With our personal memories and thoughts:
To share with a smile a short tale to portray
Of his love of things like winter sports.

Or his DJ-ing skills or his knowledge and wit
And his gift of the gab when things failed him;
His ability seemingly to not care a bit,
On his health and the things that had ailed him.

Near café and skateboards - his spiritual draws
In a way seemed the perfect position:
In the hope that not only us stop here and pause
To ponder life’s fickle condition.

So people tomorrow and days yet to appear
May rest and reflect if they’d known -
of this chap whose memory is recorded here,
Of our own gentle giant called Owen!