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November 2017

A place to thank, appreciate and celebrate our fundraisers.

Take a read of our November blog to see what some of our supporters were up to:

Lynn and Billy McGoff held a fabulous quiz night in memory of Samantha Ahearn. Lynn informed us:  “On Friday 10th November we hosted a charity quiz night in memory of our daughter Samantha Ahearn who died of SUDEP aged 19.  As Sam’s birthday is today we wanted to do something in her memory and at the same time raise funds and awareness into the dreaded SUDEP/Epilepsy.  The evening was well attended and people as you can see from the photo were very competitive. It was a very successful evening and we can say it is definitely one that we would host again.”

SUDEP Action staff Katie, Shelly and Vicky attended the Watford Ladies vs Arsenal Football Ladies football match. Katie commented “It was a great event, the Watford team wore our t-shirts for their warm up prior to the event and we got to talk at half time, raising much needed awareness. We took along collection buckets and had some friendly young helpers help us collect donations.”

Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club were busy raising funds in memory of former LUUWHC member Emily Sumaria. Club Community Secretary, Megan Brown informed us: “Last month, the Leeds University Women’s Hockey club organised two fundraisers in aid of SUDEP Action. They were both extremely successful and lots of fun was had by everyone who took part, keen as always to support SUDEP Action’s fantastic work.

Kicking off our ‘challenge for champions’ events, we organised the annual ‘channel swim’, involving all participants to swim 50 lengths or more. The aim is to swim the equivalent distance of the channel and we managed to do it 1.5 times, with many people taking part, whether they be ‘old girls’ or freshers.

At the end of November, we also ran our charity ‘Race Night’ which was a great success too! This involved lots of betting on horses and money winning (with the odd bit of drinking in true hockey style). There was an impressive raffle and both the men’s and the women’s club got really involved in the event. We were also lucky enough to have Emily Sumaria’s parents attending the night and they really put into perspective the reasons why SUDEP Action is so close to our club.”

Colin Eveleigh is raising funds in memory of his daughter Annabel. He informed us: “Annabel studied for a Degree in Fine Art at Coventry. She specialised in sculpture. Sculpture and Art in general is a passion we both shared. Whenever I make anything these days, it’s as if she is with me, encouraging and supporting me. She’s always there. I get a chance to show my work for sale at exhibitions usually twice a year.  Sometimes they sell well, but not always!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but it gradually dawned on me that I could donate to SUDEP Action any money I make in this way. I’m retired now, I was a psychologist, now I’m a busy Granddad, but I do have a bit more time for this kind of work. I also do some work and provide support for people who want to learn to be mindful. You can see this on Any money I make in this way will also go to SUDEP Action. They can almost certainly make better use of it than me. After Bella died, it took me a long time to get in touch with anyone who knows about these things and going to the Conference earlier this year (2017) really opened my eyes. I now fully appreciate and understand that by helping SUDEP Action, I can help others who experience directly the impact of SUDEP. Bit slow I know, but I’m waking up to the possibilities now. I’m sure any help from anyone who offers, will always be well received. Annabel would have been first in line to offer help herself. That’s my girl!”

Thank you to all our November 2017 fundraisers. Our much needed bereavement support service and work on epilepsy death prevention can only happen thanks to amazing people like you.

If you have been inspired to take part in a fundraising event please call us on 01235 772850 or email [email protected]. We can help you with materials, advice and information.

If you took part in an event in November which you would like featured in this blog, then it is not too late! You can give us a call on 01235 772850 or email [email protected]  to let us know.

Many thanks.

SUDEP Action Team

 Most of our fundraisers are fundraising on behalf of a family member or friend who has died.  As we celebrate the success of our fundraisers, we keep in our thoughts their loved one who is no longer with us.