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February 2016 blog

A place to thank, appreciate and celebrate our fundraisers.

A short blog for February 2016, but one which features two very brave and determined fundraisers. 

Chris Stephens successfully climbed the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Chris commented: “At around 7am on 17 February 2016 I made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  It was a tough experience, physically and mentally, made easier by the group I did it with and the wonderful team of guides and porters. I undertook the trek to raise funds for SUDEP Action in memory of my wife, Katie, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 37.” The summit on Mount Kilimanjaro is called Uhuru Peak and stands at a height of 5,895m, so Chis faced incredibly long walks and high altitudes to reach his destination.  

Shannon Tellis took part in a sponsored skydive in memory of her friend Jessica Taylor. Shannon informed us:  “SUDEP Action is a charity close to my heart, having lost a friend to SUDEP in June 2014. I took up the challenge of skydiving 12,000ft to raise money and awareness for this amazing cause. I can’t even describe how it felt to jump out of that plane, the experience was literally beyond words- amazing doesn't do it justice. I plan to continue my fundraising for SUDEP Action by climbing Ben Nevis in June.” You can watch an entertaining YouTube video of Shannon’s jump via the following link 

Thank you to Chris and Shannon, and to everyone else who took part in a fundraising event for SUDEP Action in February. 

If you have taken part in and event and would like to be featured in this blog or you have been inspired to fundraise for SUDEP Action, please email [email protected]

Most of our fundraisers are fundraising on behalf of a family member or friend who has died.  As we celebrate the success of our fundraisers, we keep in our thoughts their loved one who is no longer with us.