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Diane Player shares her year of Bereavement Support with SUDEP Action

The sudden death of my darling son Richard 18mths ago from SUDEP, left me feeling devastated and so alone. As the need grew for answers to try and understand and come to terms with what had happened,  I turned to the Internet where I came across SUDEP Actions website. Whilst reading it,  I came across the article about reporting  and filling in a form to register a death from epilepsy.

Filling in the form proved to be to emotionally draining, then I noticed the phone number offering  help and support. Realisation dawned that was just what I needed, if not to find answers into his untimely death but to have someone who understood about SUDEP and Epilepsy on the other end of the line. Someone that will listen as you cry your heart out and who will be non judgmental.

Nearly a year has passed since the day I made the decision to  pick up the phone and ask for help. Tracy has been amazing. There is no time limit to grief, likewise, there is no limit to how long the support can continue, which is wonderful. 

So please,  if you have suffered a bereavement through epilepsy or SUDEP and are in the depths of despair, help and support are only a phone call away.
Thank you SUDEP Action  for being there.

The SUDEP Action support is available on 01235 772852 or via [email protected]