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Brave Anna Dawson cuts her hair to raise awareness of SUDEP

Actress and presenter Anna Dawson cut more than half of her hip-length hair to raise awareness and funds for SUDEP Action in memory of her friend Sylvia.  

Anna shared that: “Sylvia died unexpectedly at just 21 due to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. The sister of one of my best friends, she was like a little sister to all of us and even though it's been three years, I don't think we will ever quite believe what happened. I've wanted to do something in tribute for quite a while and for me cutting my hair is a lot harder than running, even with my dodgy hip”. 

Anna who has been growing her hair since the age of four said: “I cut off approximately 15 inches which is more than half and the sponsorship has been so generous. The hair has been donated to a charity that makes real hair wigs for children and young people.”  

Anna’s remarkable awareness and fundraising efforts will be featured in an episode of Brilliant Britain on Sky's Community Channel. She added: “In the programme I encourage people to get out there and do brilliant things in their community or for charity so I wanted to put my money where my mouth is, as it were, and do something too!” Anna’s Brilliant Britain episode will air this summer. We will keep you posted on where and when you can see it. 

She added: “If you would like to sponsor me please visit my Virgin Money Giving page. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for your donations.”

Rachel Groves, Fundraising and Operations Manager at SUDEP Action said: “We are really grateful to Anna for doing something so brave to raise awareness of SUDEP and funds for the charity. Our work towards preventing unnecessary epilepsy deaths and providing support to those bereaved by epilepsy is made possible by the generosity of people like her.”

To make a donation please visit Anna Dawson’s Virgin Money Giving page