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April 2018

A place to thank, appreciate and celebrate our fundraisers.

Our April fundraisers were busy raising much needed funds for #Prevent21, helping us to prevent unnecessary deaths and support those who have lost loved ones. 

Sam Pope took on the Paris Marathon. He commented: "On April 8th I ran my first ever marathon in Paris, in memory of my cousin Lisa who passed away in January 2017. I underestimated quite how challenging the marathon was going to be. But, I had no doubt that I would finish, as I was incredibly proud to be running for Lisa and to raise awareness of SUDEP Action’s invaluable work. This was my first time fundraising for charity but it certainly won’t be the last.”

Brothers Jordan and Bradley Rothwell took part in their first marathon along with their dad Colin Rothwell, who is an experienced marathon runner. Jordan commented “Myself, my older brother and my dad all ran the Manchester Marathon on April 8th. The main reason was because it fell on my brother Grant’s birthday (who is no longer with us). It was a great experience to raise awareness of SUDEP, along with remembering my brother.”

Phoebe Carter- Desai organised her own event, in memory of her sister Rose. She informed us: “In memory of my eldest sister Rose, who died suddenly at the age of 19. I wanted to raise money for SUDEP Action by doing a cake sale. I wanted to do this as my other brother and sister did one too at their school, so I felt this would make Rose proud of all of us. I miss my sister so much and would do anything to bring her back. I would like this money to be put towards any research so this doesn’t happen to any other families in the future. Love you Rosie x.”

Tom Jeanes ran the London Marathon. He informed us: "I was raising money for SUDEP Action in memory of my cousin, Clare, who passed away when I was young. Before I fundraise I always ask my Aunt and Uncle who they would like me to support and SUDEP Action is always their reply. They say SUDEP Action helped them so much at the time and do fantastic work with families and patients. I felt the London Marathon would also be a great opportunity to raise awareness for one of the smaller charities involved. I ended up running the marathon on the hottest day they have ever had, so now I can brag about this for a while! It has always been a plan of mine to join in the iconic race, even if I haven't always been the fittest! The support before, during and after, was exceptional and I would highly recommend to anyone, whether you are in good shape or not. Finishing, whatever the time, is the achievement! I hope to recover now and find a new challenge to get me up and active and continuing support for SUDEP Action"

Chelsea Kelleher braved the skies in memory of her friend Jamie-Leigh. Chelsea told us “This year marked five years of the passing of my friend Jamie-Leigh. I decided to take it up a notch and do something completely different. We’ve already done a concert, sporting event and more - so to honour her memory, I decided on a skydive. I must say it was a fantastic experience.”


Thank you and well done everyone!

It is not too late to have your event included! Email [email protected] if you would like to be involved.

The SUDEP Action Team