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Jane Hanna, in conversation with Angela Walker


Former BBC journalist Angela Walker spoke in depth to Jane Hanna recently as part of her new podcast with inspirational people. 

Hundreds of deaths from epilepsy could be prevented every year if the condition was managed properly - according to the founder of a British charity.

In the UK, at least 1,000 people with epilepsy die each year.  In this powerful and informative podcast, journalist Angela Walker sits down with Jane Hanna OBE from SUDEP Action, who says many of these deaths could be prevented if changes were made in by the NHS, in local healthcare management and if care for the the condition was properly funded  by the government.

Having lost her partner to sudden death in 1990, Jane is passionate about preventing such tragedies and shedding light on the often under-reported issue of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

Jane shares her personal experience and reveals that every week, around 21 families face the same devastating loss. SUDEP occurs when an individual diagnosed with epilepsy or experiencing seizure-related episodes suddenly passes away, usually during sleep, with no prior warning signs. Angela and Jane delve deeper into the risk factors associated with SUDEP and discuss the importance of raising awareness among medical professionals and the public.

The discussion also explores the challenges faced by the medical community in managing epilepsy cases and calls for a change in protocols to prioritise early diagnosis and intervention. Jane explains about the SUDEP app which can help patients and medics manage the condition better.

The podcast delves into the alarming rise in maternal deaths related to epilepsy and discusses the potential link with certain antiseizure medications. Jane highlights the importance of specialized communication and counselling for pregnant women with epilepsy.

Join Angela Walker and Jane Hanna as they bring this critical issue to the forefront, sharing inspiring stories and insights from individuals and families impacted by epilepsy. Through awareness, understanding, and collaborative efforts, they believe that many of these heart-wrenching deaths can be prevented, paving the way for a safer future for those living with epilepsy.