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SUDEP Action celebrates international challenge win with EpSMon

SUDEP Action’s world first Epilepsy Self-Monitoring app, EpSMon has won the prestigious Epilepsy Foundation international prize for innovation.

Open Call for Unity

Open Call for unity to tackle epilepsy deaths sooner rather than later. This call is on behalf of the epilepsy bereaved community, calling for unity among the epilepsy world.

Coffee Club Meetings

Find out more about our new Coffee Club Meetings; Why not book your place to meet other supporters.

My Story

My Story - is an important and powerful way for you to join our campaign. As ‘the voice of the bereaved’ for over 20 years, we use information shared with us to good purpose. We are very experienced in supporting those who wish to share their stories and who find it helpful to know that they are part of the ‘voice.’  

SUDEP Action’s National Conference 2016 – Summing up the Big Conversation so far

A huge thanks to everyone who came to our weekend conference.  So many friends reunited and brave families 

SUDEP Action to launch Epilepsy Memorial Day on May 10

The day will be an opportunity to remember together all those who have died from epilepsy. 


Welcome to SUDEP Action

Welcome to SUDEP Action

There are at least three epilepsy-related deaths a day in the UK. 

SUDEP Action is a specialist organisation, providing services, information and education for bereaved families and professional on epilepsy related deaths, including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.

Our services include bereavement support, counselling, help with understanding the inquest process and in collaboration with UK research teams, the involvement of bereaved families and professionals in research through the Epilepsy Deaths Register.

SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist