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Click here to donate. We need money to run a trial on people with epilepsy of a device which may be able to stop some SUDEP deaths.

SUDEP Action supports proposal by NHS England to develop a five year strategy for mental health

While bereavement is seen as a natural part of life, 10% to 20% of people may require further help especially if the death was sudden 

Epilepsy Self-Monitoring App named as finalist at HSJ Awards

The Epilepsy-Self Monitoring App has been named as a finalist at the prestigious HSJ Awards in the ‘Patient Safety' and ‘Using Technology to Improve Efficiency’ categories.

SUDEP Action Annual Conference

Join us for our next annual meeting coming up in March, hear about our latest projects, make new friends and meet up with old.


Welcome to SUDEP Action

Welcome to SUDEP Action

There are at least three epilepsy-related deaths a day in the UK. The majority are Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) which is still not fully understood - it’s time to take action.

SUDEP Action cares for the bereaved and works with families and professionals to make change. Using research and awareness we strive to get the answers that will save lives.

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