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Write to your health services for SUDEP Action Day 2022

We must #TalkSudepNow - will your local health providers help by supporting SUDEP Action Day 2022?

One great way to get involved in SUDEP Action Day 2022 is to contact your local health providers eg: Gp Surgeries, Hospitals, County Council Health Scrutiny Boards or Integrated Care System (ICS).

Many health professionals already support SUDEP Action Day and the work of the charity, but there are others who aren’t aware about the urgent need to tackle epilepsy deaths, including those from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). SUDEP Action Day is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of this. 

Whether you’ve spoken to your local health providers about this topic before, or if this is your first time writing to them – getting involved by contacting them can really help. Please be aware that many health providers remain under pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this could impact on how you are able to contact them, and how long it may take them to reply. 

You could also #TalkSudepNow to local leaders of Council health committees who meet with local leaders in the NHS .

Who to contact?

Finding your local Integrated Care system (ICS) - These are new systems being set up around the country who decide what care and services are provided in local areas:

Contacting the Chair of Health and Wellbeing and/or the Chair of Joint Health and Overview in your local County Council - Find their contact details by searching your local county or unitary authority and searching meetings of committees where councilliors involved will be listed. For example:


Contacting your local Healthwatch is another alternative - asking them how they can help raise awareness with relevant local committees: Find your local Healthwatch | Healthwatch 

Resources to help:

Microsoft Office document icon SUDEP Action Day 2022 - Health Provider Template Letter

Important points to remember:
  • Health service providers are under significant pressure, so this could impact on how you are able to contact them (online or via post), and how long it may take them to reply to you. 
  • Contacting the local ICS (who decide which services are available locally), or your local health board/committee at your local council could mean your letter gets attention; as they often meet with local NHS leaders, and have responsibility to the local people in their area. 
  • Health providers may come back with questions or want to take action because of your contact – Please send them to SUDEP Action so we can help them & provide extra information on the work we’re already doing with MPs and policy makers – They can contact us here.
  • Please let us know if you contact and get a reply from your local health providers! This helps us know what impact our supporters are having, and which Health Professionals and Health Providers can be asked to support our work further.
Find out more ways you can get involved in SUDEP Action Day here: