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SUDEP Awareness Day 2015

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SUDEP Awareness Day was a great success last year. Held on October 23rd, we invited supporters to raise funds for SUDEP Action and spread SUDEP awareness at the same time. For 2015, we came up with a few fundraising ideas to inspire you events on the day.

Pumpkin Carving Party

Some people hosted pumpkin carving parties to help raise funds for SUDEP Awareness Day.  They invited friends and family to compete to carve the best SUDEP Action pumpkin. Entrants brought their own pumpkin and paid £6 to enter. The winners kept half the total raised while the other half was donated to SUDEP Action. We encouraged people to display their carved pumpkin in their window on the day or to put it outside where it wouldl stay fresh for longer). People were also encouraged to make pumpkin pie out of the inside of the pumpkin they had carved and then selling the slices to raise extra cash. Tips on how to carve a pumpkin were provided here here.

Home-made goodies stall

We also encouraged people to help spread SUDEP awareness by hosting their own “home-made goodies” stall with homemade goodies such as jams or pickles decorated with our fantastic SUDEP Awareness Day stickers. . 

Scrapbook of memories

We also invited people to set up an online memorial on our Much Loved page. This is an online scrapbook of memories of a lost loved one and is a good way of celebrating someone’s life whilst raising funds and awareness at the same time. People were encouraged to set up a memorial page and then invite friends and family to contribute and donate by clicking here


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