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Someone has died

Someone you know has died from an epilepsy related death and right now you may feel shocked, confused, isolated and unable to believe what has happened.

You may have been aware of the risks or you may have just learned for the first time that they had epilepsy.   There may be many things that you need help to understand, or you may need to talk about what has happened.  Our support team can help you with:

  • Understanding the inquest procedure
  • Understanding the investigations
  • Understanding what is going on for you emotionally

It may be a family member, a friend or a colleague who has died from epilepsy; you don’t have to be a close relative to grieve, or to access our support.  

We know how investigations and inquests work, and the range of practical problems faced by those suddenly bereaved as well as how specifically epilepsy death adds a deep level of complexity. SUDEP Action help the bereaved through this process, providing open-ended support.

The timing of this support is extremely important and should be provided as soon after the death as possible. Our casework and bereavement services are integrated. We know that it is important that the bereaved are signposted to us early and do not have to distinguish between different organisations or explain what has happened over and over again. Generic bereavement support cannot provide what families need. Instead what is needed is expert advocacy and casework integrated with specialist bereavement support which is what SUDEP Action aim to provide.

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Understanding and monitoring epilepsy-related deaths is vital in helping to reduce deaths in the future.  If you would like to provide information that may help us to reduce deaths in the future please report a death now.



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